QA Analyst



Job Duties:

  • Automated creation of functional tests
  • Guarantee the quality of the products
  • Creation of quality control process
  • Support to developers in unit and component testing.
  • Creation of scenarios with customers and business analysts to support the work performed by the developers, helping to understand the product requirements.
  • Execution of tests in order to find flaws in the product.
  • Simulation of defects tracked down along with the team.
  • Execution of performance and safety tests.
  • Elaboration of acceptance test case plan.

Desired Skills and Qualifications

  • Knowledge in programming 
  • Experience in systems development
  • Good user review
  • Knowledge of BDD and TDD
  • Knowledge in continuous delivery and continuous integration
  • Basic knowledge of the Android, iOS and Web development tools and environment
  • Knowledge in API Testing
  • Have previously used Cucumber and Calabash